Room At The Top Studio

Room At The Top Studio

Native Instruments Set up

The recording studio uses the following controllers:

Komplete Kontrol S61 mark 2

Maschine Mikro mark 2

Maschine Jam

We currently use the full Komplete 11 software.

Also displayed is the Soundcraft Signature 22MTK analogue mixing desk.

Room At The Top Studio

Analogue synthesizers and Akai mpc

The studio has a selection of current flagship analogue synths as well as vintage analogue synths that can be used in productions. We also have vintage Akai MPC drum machine sampling sequencers that are ideal for creating instrumentals outside of the computer.

The set up you see in this photo is:

Korg ARP Odyssey

Moog Sub 37 Tribute Edition

Yamaha CS10

Korg Prologue 16 voice version

Hammond B100 organ

Akai MPC 2000 XL

Room At The Top Studio

Vintage string synthesizers

In addition to the Hammond B100 organ the studio also boasts two vintage string synthesizers from the 1970's which also have organ sections on them. These two string synths are amazing as you really can't get this type of sonic sounds from a VST plugin synth. The synths you see in the photo are:

Logan String Melody mark 2

Yamaha SK30

Room At The Top Studio

Vocals and acoustic recordings

The studio offers a dub plate session service as well as professionally recorded jingles service (see separate pages on the site for more details) and vocals recording service. When it comes to vocals and acoustic recordings we have two microphones that we currently use which are:

Sontronics STC2

Rode NT1A

The Sontronics is used exclusively for vocals for the past 10 years and can be heard on the majority of Top Cat records released over this time period as well as all the private dub plate sessions and most of the public sessions. 

The Rode NT1A has been used for recording acoustic guitar wind and brass instruments in the studio