Ganja Chronicles

Top Cat

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Now this is the original ganja smoking herb man hustling sensimilla smuggling raw born rough neck who strikes a match on his beard to light his spliff, with a new album that has his most famous ganja songs, redone in up to date Hip Hop and Dancehall styles. This album is a collection of the following songs redone in Boom Bap, Trap, Afro-beat, Drill, and Dancehall styles.

  1. Herbalist - Trap Remix
  2. Push Up U Lighta - Boom Bap Refix
  3. Sess Weh U Want - Boom Bap Refix
  4. Smoke The Sensi - Boom Bap Refix
  5. Love Mi Sess - Trap Remix
  6. Bunn The Sensi - Boom Bap Refix
  7. No Coke Pipe - Boom Bap Refix
  8. No Sensi Today - Trap Remix
  9. Marijuana (Is What I'm Smoking) - Dancehall
  10. Friend With Weed - Afro-Beat Refit
  11. Sundown - Drill Refit

Recorded at: Room At The Top Studio Produced by : A Codrington All songs written by : A Codrington All music composed by : A Codrington (c) copyright A Codrington

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