The book written by Anthony Codrington aka Top Cat one of the UK's most respected MC's. This book explains the techniques for the skills needed to be a top rapper or mc in the music business.


 Are you an mc?

 Are you a rapper? 

Do you wish you could flow as good as your favourite artists?

 Do you wish to know the secrets that help some of the most successful rappers and mc's write and perform hit tunes?

 Would you like to know the secret of how to do this again and again?

Let me introduce myself properly. My name is Anthony Codrington aka Top Cat the legendary hit making mc from the UK who has so far 13 number 1 singles over a 20 year period in various reggae, jungle/drum n bass charts in the UK and Europe, 4 times MC of the Year, 3 times Record of the Year Winner, to name some of my achievements as an MC rapper. As a working artist who has built up a large catalogue of hits and has toured all over the world and still does to this day, I have learned many lessons working with some of the best artists and producers in the reggae, jungle, hip hop, and pop world. Many of these lessons are the ones that have helped me write and release hit songs that have the clubs rocking from back in the days right up to the present day. I have also produced hits with other mc's and artist and helped them score hit tunes in the charts and earn very good money in the music industry. I think that history gives me the necessary knowledge of how to become a successful mc. Don't you? 

Well if you only want to pick up a microphone and "spit two rhymes" then this book ain't for you,

As you already got the tools the be at the level you want to do 

But if you are serious about rapping and mcing and you want to make it more than just a mess about thing, 

How To MC the book could be the best thing you have ever invest in 

I'll break down the mechanics of how to write a rap/mc lyrics

I'll show you how to blend melodies and flows 

I'll give you the tips on how to do great performances just like how your favourite rappers and mc's do. 

I'll show you how you can too 

Then the rest is up to you. 

Now some will ask "How can you learn to mc from a book?" "Isn't it just a thing that you can do naturally?"

 One of the reasons why I wrote this book was because I myself picked up songwriting tips from books as well as from other mc's and producers. If someone can learn to be a songwriter and learn how to sing from an instruction manual then why isn't there one for a rapper or an mc to learn from? I would have loved to have been able to buy a book like this when I was starting out in the game from someone with so much experience. That would have helped me to do things a lot quicker than I did. Now that is what I am offering to you. I explain in plain and simple talk how to do all the necessary techniques for the skills you need so you can improve on your mc game. Where you take it will be up to you, but the tools you will have will be the same as the top people in the game. Now it will be your turn to play the game. 

Do you think you can be good enough to be up there? 

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If you get the chance come to one of my book seminars or my forthcoming 1 day workshops that I am organising for 2011 it would great to show you these techniques in person and answer any questions you may have. Keep an eye out for my latest news to see when I will be doing seminars and workshops in your country and near you.