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Special One Off Public Dubplate Session For Jan 19 

Although I don't do regular public dubplate sessions anymore many of you who missed out on my last one and don't need specifically personalised or record quality dubplates have been direct messaging me to ask if I would do just one more public dubplate session. 

The response has been amazing and although I won't be doing them regularly anymore I have decided to do "One Off" special public sessions for special occasions. As it is the start of the year I am going to do a limited time and space public dubplate session as part of my January Sales.

This Saturday 12th of January will be the January Sale Public Dubplate Session. Get One Dubplate at half price and get a second one added for FREE. Only 5 spaces on this session. I won't be doing another public session for a long time so grab this opportunity while you can. 

Terms and Conditions:

1. No sharing a space. One sound or dj per order space.

2. No split mixes or a capellas are given out. Dubplates are sent out as stereo master mixes

3. Please send your order details as numbered in the order email at least a day before the session.

4. Please make sure that your name is written as it is spoken in English. Any incorrect pronounciation will not be the fault of the artist and will incur a second studio fee and full artist fee to fix. Send a link to a SoundCloud or You Tube link that has the correct pronounciation as insurance for any hard to pronounce names. That way if the artist pronounces the name wrong the blame won't be on you it will be on the artist and engineer so your dubplate will have to be done again for free.

5. Only 3 crew member/other additional names per order. Only the first 3 will be used if you put more so stick to only 3.

6. You the customer provide the instrumentals to be used for your dubplates as Wav files. No other format. If you send mp3 and the quality is not up to usual standards you will be charged full price for a retake of the dubplate so please send Wav files or accept mp3 quality if you send mp3 or converted mp3 to Wav files. 

7. Turn around for sending out dubplates is 60 hours from the date of the dubplate session. Normally you will get them within 48 hours but 60 hours is the maximum once everything has been sent in on time. 

8. Please read the dubplate order email and send in the information "numbered as in the email and in the correct order" so it's easy for the artist and engineer to see the information without having to read through long conversations and confuse what is supposed to be a simple process. Should you not send the information as asked and the order is done incorrectly you will be charged the full session and artist price to redo the dubplates so please send the information in numerical order and number each part. Thank you. 


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