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How To MC (The book paperback) Limited Edition

This is the very first book that outlines the skills needed to rap and mc. The techniques are all techniques used by some of the top dancehall mc's of the 80's and 90's and also rappers in the US from that era. To this day these techniques are still the foundation of the current styles of rap and mc lyrics. 

Written and published by multi award winning dancehall and jungle mc Top Cat this book will go down in history as a masterpiece of insight and the forerunner to all rap and mc tutorials that followed after it. 

This is a limited offer to acquire the book in paperback form as only limited copies of it are left. Don't miss this chance. Get your piece of history now. 

(+ postage: £4.00)

Champion Deejay - Top Cat (album LP)

Classic Top Cat Jungle album comprising of five 12" 45rpm vinyl disc. This album features mixes from Chase & Status, Serial Killaz, Serum, Ray Keith, Remarc, DJ Rap, Marcus Visionary, DJ Panik & M Rode along with vocal collaborations with the late great reggae dancehall and jungle mc Tenor Fly. 

Only a small and limited amount of this album is left on vinyl so miss this and it's truly gone. No more are being pressed. Get your piece of music history right here and right now. 

(+ postage: £10.00)

9 Lives Of The Cat - Top Cat (album LP)

This classic reggae dancehall album features some of the biggest dancehall hits from Top Cat from the early 90's. Remixes of "Over U Body," "Request The Style," "Go Way," as well as original mixes of Love Mi Sess, Badder Than Dem and Push Up U Lighter. 

Only limited copies available on vinyl and once they are gone they are gone. This won't be re-pressed. 

Grab your original copy of this album on vinyl here, now. 

(+ postage: £7.00)

Smoke The Sensi - Top Cat (12" single)

This classic 12" single from 1995 features the original reggae and the jungle mix of this classic song. Only real reggae or jungle vinyl collectors need apply. Very limited numbers left. Get yours now. 

(+ postage: £7.00)

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