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Top Cat Jingles Sessions 

Book a jingles session with Top Cat and get 5 personalised jingles for your radio show or mix project that can be used inbetween your tracks mixing from one to the other, for pulling up tracks, as well as adding that bit of raggamuffin Top Cat spice to your mix or show. 

Once you have booked and paid for your session you will be allocated the nearest time for your session and you will be sent the jingles order email. Fill it in and return it with the requested information and your jingles will be done and sent to you within 24 hours of your session being completed. 

Terms and Conditions

Only one dj, sound system or project/collective name per session. No splitting jingles for 2 or more separate customers.

Jingles are licensed for radio or non profit mix uses. If you require them for commercial release you will need written permission from the copyright owner. 

You are required to send a You Tube or SoundCloud link of the name you wish to be used on the jingles. Should you not do this and the name is incorrectly pronounced then you will have to pay for a second session to do the ammendments so please send a link to your example. Do Not Send Mp3 or a download file of your name to download. It will not be downloaded and you will still be liable if the name is incorrectly pronounced. Only send a link to You Tube or Sound Cloud. 


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