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First Top Cat Dubplate Session for 2018 

The first Top Cat Dubplate Session for 2018 will be held on Sunday 28th January 2018. 

Buy one Top Cat Dubplate at half price and get a second one for FREE. 

Only 5 spaces are available for this session so make sure you book your place here. Once you have paid to book your place your order email will be sent out to you. 


Dubplates are sent out as stereo master wav files. No split mixes or a capellas are given out at any time. 

You must provide the instrumental you want to use as a wav file. No mp3 files. If you provide mp3 and the quality of the master isn't 100% you won't be able to get another recording of the track done unless you pay FULL price (see private dubplate session page for prices).

Please return your order email at least a day before the session so your studio files can be made up in time for you. 

If you pay for a session and then miss it by not sending in your order email in time you lose half of your fee paid so please make sure you send your order in on time.


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