Top Cat A Capella Packs Deal 

This deal is for:

Top Cat Classic A Capella Pack

Top Cat Classic A Capella Pack 2

Top Cat Jingles and A Capella Pack

Top Cat Dubplate Intros Pack

Total normal retail price for the 3 available packs is £47. The Top Cat Dubplate Intros Pack is an exclusive item that isn't for general sale. That in itself means it's worth is not mentioned but it would be high. 

This deal is back again for a very limited time due to public demand from those who missed out on the recent two day deal. 

Closing date on this deal is Friday 20th December 2019. 

Terms and conditions:

1. Copyright of vocals belong to, Fashion Records, Gussie P Records. The purpose of the use of these recordings is for personal use only. 

2. Any commercial use of these recordings is prohibited unless agreed in writing beforehand with the copyright owner.

3. A capellas can be used on personal exclusive mixes.

4. Jingles can be used on mix projects and radio shows as jingles.

5. Dubplate intros are to be used as jingles or introductions on dubplates and exclusive mixes.

6. Breach of these terms will result in a £1,000 fine in the UK and $10,000 dollar fine outside the UK plus court costs. Terms and conditions for royalties will be considerably more than if agreed beforehand.  


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