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Top Cat Classic Vocals A Capellas Pack 2

This is the second in the series of Top Cat classic vocal a capellas packs. Both tracks were released by Fashion Records back in the early 90's and featured the a capellas as well as the full tune. These original records now sell for staggering prices on eBay and that is if someone who has an original copy wants to part with it.

Now you can get both a capella tracks with this pack. This is ideal for djs who want to show off their remixing skills with a popular vocal, or for remix producers to make their own exclusive versions of the classic tracks.

1. Fat Bumper - Top Cat (A. Codrington. Published by Fashion Records)

2. Sess Weh U Want - Top Cat (A. Codrington. Published by Fashion Records)

This product is purchased for personal use only. For commercial release permission contact  cato9music.com or contact Fashion Records Ltd.


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