Extract from the forthcoming book from Top Cat "The MC Bible"

The MC Bible is a manual for all rappers, mcs and producers and djs who work with rappers and mcs. It gives an in depth insight into the theory and the practical skills of top mcs and rappers. Divided into two segments the 1st and the 2nd Testament, the MC Bible gives you the knowledge and the tools that you need to make a part time or full time living out of your skills.

In the 1st Testament this book takes a look at the true history of rap in it's original form and the different types of rap and the influence of Africa, the West Indies, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

From the history the book goes into the theory and look at why these techniques work and how they are used by the successful professionals. It then goes into the practical and explains the technical skills of writing and performing mc rap songs.

In the 2nd Testament the author gives an explanation of the business of being a mc or rapper.

How do you earn money with your skills?

How do you attract customers?

How do you get bookings and how do you handle them?

How do you handle recordings for a record label/producer?

How do you start a dubplate business?

How do you start your own record label?

With examples of how to use techniques plus templates and contracts The MC Bible is arguably the best handbook that has ever been made for the talented up and coming artists who are serious about furthering their careers and their knowledge

Is that you?

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