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How to MC and Rap Properly

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In this article we are going to go over the REAL way of putting together an mc rap and not full the article with claptrap. If you want to be able to use techniques that will have you rapping in next to no time, follow these steps


  1. 1. Pick your melodies and your flow from popular songs. Don't listen to shit from other rappers about only do original. If you talk then you are pirating anyhow as most words you use were created by someone else so get over that rubbish and use what is out there but put them in a different order to how they were originally used. This is now original.
  2. 2. Choose a core topic. This is what your rap is going to be about. Choose something that you know about or have experience in. No point talking gangster if you ain't really. It won't come over as real. Talk about what you know in an interesting way. To do this brainstorm as many ideas on the topic as possible. In the book How To MC by Anthony Codrington aka Top Cat the ways to do this very effectively are explained. Check out the video for a demonstration of points 1 and 2 in action.
  3. 3. Put your words to the melody and flow and practice them to get them tight.
  4. 4. Repeat this process again and again to build a catalogue of mc rap lyrics so you have a performance set.



  • Although the method shown here is probably the most effective way of making and performing mc raps out there, it's not the only way to do it. Just like in martial arts there are different styles well the same is true of rap. If Kung Fu is from the Orient then rap originates from Africa in it's very first form of telling stories over the beat of a drum and maybe a string instrument. It didn't originate in the US as it is mislead by many and even the first US rapper and founder of hip hop was Jamaican (Kool Herc)
  • The style demonstrated is call Heavy Hook as that is what it does it hooks in your listeners. This doesn't mean that the other styles aren't good as well. If you are a speed rapper then that style is called The Fast Jab style. That style bewilders the listener with speed and is very pretty in pattern. If you rap then you are either one style or the other and that is irrelevant of where in the world you come from. The accent and the flow may be slightly different but the art is the same, whether you are a dub poet, rapper, mc, deejay (Jamaican term) you either use Heavy Hook style or Fast Jab style. How good you are at either Heavy Hooks or Fast Jab determines how much response you get for your work. More of an explanation of this in the new book "The MC Bible" by Anthony Codrington aka Top Cat out early 2013
  • Check out the video tutorials at:


  • When you mc you use the power of the Word. Don't take this lightly. If you rap about jail and you've never been there before, chances are you will end up there. Likewise if you rap about money all the time then you will attract it if you put emotions into your lyrics about it. In other words keep your lyrics positive to attract positive to you. You are who you think and say you are

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